CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT: Yacker Tracker Noise Control Stoplight Device

CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT: Yacker Tracker Noise Control Stoplight Device



A great self-monitoring traffic light sound meter! This unique 17 1/8″ traffic light is perfect for teachers to monitor noise levels in the classroom. The Yacker Tracker looks like a genuine stoplight and can stand on its own or be wall mounted; it’s computerized with an adjustable sound level meter (effective from 40 dB to 120dB). The teacher sets the sound level and the green light stays lit until noise in the room goes beyond the set level, then the green light goes off and the light flashes yellow. When the noise level reaches 20 dB above set level the red light and siren sound come on. The user has the option of turning the siren sound off, which also makes this a great visual aid for hearing impaired students. Drama departments can incorporate this unit as a quiet signal to alert backstage cast members of inappropriate off stage noise. Intended for adult use in K-12 grades.


One of my boys seems to have picked up an annoying habit of mine that we both desperately need to work on: talking too loud. I don’t know if mine comes from years of choir where I was taught how to properly project my voice, or Junior High cheerleading, or my years spent in theatrical work where our directors often sat in the last row of the audience to make sure that all of us could be heard loud and clear, even when we used a “stage whisper.” Whatever the reason is, as an adult I now have to consciously and purposely monitor my voice whenever I speak to someone. To make matters worse, I also must  teach my 4-year old son how to do this too which is almost comical to see happening in our home!

Last night, we had a total of five kids in the house for a sleepover. All of them were upstairs jumping around playing, yet the loudest and most distinct voice above all the kids’ noises came from one kid who happened to be one of the youngest – and mine! It was a few hours later that, out of sheer frustration, I suddenly remembered a device that was shown to me when I worked in the schools: the Yacker Tracker. You can read the product description below for details, but basically here’s how it works: you adjust the volume to whatever level you want your environment to be at and the light remains at green. If people start talking too loud, it will first go to yellow to issue a warning. If the noise level goes above the level you set, the red light goes on and issues a siren noise. I only wish I had the Yacker Tracker in our home last night to put upstairs when all the kids were wrestling and playing.  This is a product that we will be looking at purchasing sometime soon, and I will definitely post our experiences about it on my blog page once we use it for about a month.

The Yacker Tracker can be used as an effective teaching tool to help keep overall classroom noise to a desired level. This type of product is also an excellent classroom management strategy, especially during small group instruction time. Educational Administrators might use a device like this in large rooms such as the cafeteria, auditorium, or other settings where large amounts of children gather together. And it’s absolutely perfect for anyone who has an obnoxiously loud voice and doesn’t know when to tone it down. I can’t wait to start using this device on our home, and hope it will help provide both me and my son with the much-needed visual cue to help us both learn when we’re talking too loud. Likewise, I hope this product will help others with the same problem. If you’d like to share your experiences about or with this product, I would love to hear about it on my blog page. Enjoy!



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